Revelation...I'm not confessing to anything o!

Eureka! Eureka! I’ve finally solved the mystery called women. I now know why nothing would have worked between me and big crush. Surpised; are yu? After making so much noise about big crush, I bone just like that? Welcome to my life. Or welcome to the life of girls I have tripped for.

Initially something might fascinate them about me from afar but when they get past the eye and ear candy, they all lose interest. I don tire. I’m having no more. No more talking about women, thinking about them, planning for them. No more.

Problem is *sigh* I’ve heard me say that before…and I’ve also heard me rush with excitement to tell my cousin about the new gurl I just met days after. So who’s going to be the new gurl now? ******? *******? *******? (Edited out cos of you, Chisom)

Do you feel like you had skipped some previous posts? I don’t blame you. The last time I blogged about big crush I was talking double-layered chocolate cakes now I’m ranting rubbish like a heart-broken sod. The actual change in the status quo wasn’t so sudden; I just wasn’t feeling her on the phone anymore and I decided to let her matter go. Just before I closed the chapter sha, I wanted more evidence so I sent the following message to my friend, Paul who is a lot closer to her

Wats up? How u dey?U still dey lag? U’ve hung out wit big crush a bit. Right?In ur opinion wat are my chances wit her? Personally I think I’m signing out of her case

Hours later, I get the following response.

Yeah, didn’t really knw how 2 say it but I think that’d b d right decision to make. She aight tho but I dunno if she’s ready 4 anythin more n friendship.


To mourn (celebrate) the end of the big crush project, I fashed studying for the night, OD’d on bread, extended my bedtime by 1 hour and waking time by 3 hours, 30 minutes.

And for those of you still scratching your heads and tapping your weavons trying to figure out what on earth the title of this post had to do with the actual content, here’s a tip: “Revelation” is the last book of the bible and in this big head maps to the end of anything.