30 days of thankfulness - Day 10

30 days of thankfulness. I never really understood the whole tagging thing. I mean, I was seeing people taggin others and getting tagged themselves but it didn’t mean much to me plus the fact that I was secretly hoping never to get tagged. Trust fantasy queen to commit the highest abomination in the land and tag me (yu have to get 2 white cows and 3 black hens for the purification rites). To make matters worse, she explained what it meant and what I had to do so I had no excuse. And as a reminder, I saw a backup explanation on afrobabe’s blog the other day. But trust me to submit every assignment late. So here’s mine:

I’m thankful for a God that loves me a whole lot. To the extent that I don’t have to understand or even know the reasons behind his actions and decisions; I can just rest assured in the fact that they were born out of love and I’m better off that way. I’m also thankful that He is always willing to receive me regardless of how far I drift away.

I’m thankful for a family that loves me and whom I love dearly too. Parents constantly bending over backwards to ensure we are well-provided for. Pretty sisters (abi the bribe…erm… bride price will be high) whose education is working out and a brilliant brother; the only person I can boast to without the feeling of condescension or pride.

I’m also thankful for a blogsville family who have succeeded in mis-leading me to believe that I have a bit of writing skill in addition to my other super powers (tele-kinesis, tele-pathy, tele-portation and tele-vision).

I’m thankful for my fellowship in school and the accompanying privilege of knowing more girls than I would’ve known otherwise. I guess I should also mention that the fellowship has done a whole lot in shaping my character, spirit and leadership abilities.

I thank God for good results, a good number of which I feel I don’t deserve.

I thank God for money…for an extra plate of fufu with egusi and ofe ora.

I thank God for IT, accommodating relatives and cousins, none of which are bold enough to admit they’ll miss me. Stuck and her anonymous sister for starters.

I’m thankfully for being created fine, grew finer and then…the pimples came, the beard took its time and the pot-belly appeared overnight yet I still manage to make them heads turn (I’m joking about the pot-belly o; I meant to say six-pack).

I’m thankful for a new computer and phone.

I’m thankful for quick understanding.

I’m thankful for healing for those around me and ensuring that I never need healing badly enough to become a prayer point outside my immediate family.

I’m thankful for music and bands like Paramore, Falling Up and Anberlin.

I’m thankful for a whole lot of stuff but *yawns* I *yawns* need peels *yawns* I mean sleep.

P.S: I gather that I’m supposed to tag a couple of other people but everybody seems to have done theirs some 2 months ago so I won’t bother but if yu are reading this and yu haven’t done yours, then yu’ve been tagged!!! You are IT!!!