Heavenly Holland

Naija schools don dey beta small-small o! Thanks to the little improvements here and there, two of my lecturers were fortunate to be sent to Holland sometime last year for a few months. This post is about one of those lecturers whom I’ll address as Mr N.

Since Mr N came back a lot of things changed about him. He now wears sneakers and jeans to lectures, with his well-starched, short-sleeved shirt firmly tucked in and a definite new bounce that gives me the impression that his sneaker soles are filled with helium. He also brings only type-written notes to class now as opposed to the hand-written notes (that look like they were written at least 2 decades ago) that is typical of most other lecturers. He is constantly on his computer every time you visit his office which he refuses to stay in whenever there is no light cos according to him, he can’t do without his air-conditioner. Before you start imagining one janded lecturer like this, Mr N is none of that o! He’s a typical Igbo man with “razor blade” = lazor brade syndrome and all.

Anyways, in the course of his lectures last semester, he gave us gist about Holland and if the things he said are anything to go by,

Everlasting life may be found there

According to him, everything needed for life is there, good food, good healthcare, even the weather supposedly contributes. He finds absolutely no reason why anyone should die there. It makes me then wonder why they have a population less than all the area boys from Igbosere to Okokomaiko despite ALL the things that contribute to death here.

Their prime minister moves around in a two-car convoy

This is definitely the main evidence that they don't have an ounce of naija blood in them (forget de white skin) because even wheel barrow pushers here hope to move around in convoys. Infact its my major regret for choosing not to go into politics.

If you don't close your legs while walking, you will be blown away

He was almost blown away himself O! In fact, we thank God for his life… He claims wind speeds are very high there; that he constantly had difficulty getting into his office and the dutch generaate all their electricity via wind power. Maybe Naija should adapt that so we can see wat new excuses the PHCN boss will invent (Militants?)

They worship the sun

No, I'm not referring to ancient Egypt. Modern Holland. Mr N's defintion of worship? The sun is very scarce and whenever it appears, the youth climb to the roofs of their houses and shak (drink) beer without shirts (I wonder if females are involved in this sun-worship activities).

Every prostitute is good enough to take home for a wife...or contest for Miss Universe

Hear him, “My brother, if you go to Holland without a wife its only God that will help you O! because they have very fine, clean girls that the government gives check-up every 2 weeks!” We concluded that he must have ‘committed’ when he added that, “They advertise their numbers on the TV; you don't even have to stress yourself, they will come to you once you call”.

Mr N. must've had loads of fun in Holland cos according to him, the only reason why he came back is because of his family and the next time he goes, oti o!