We have Arrived

Recently, I helped one gurl write a poem she read out at our fellowship’s fresher’s day. The audience liked it so I decided to post it here.

A quiet wind blows

Rustling bushes covered in brown dust

Sweeping over abandoned vehicles eaten by rust

Announcing our arrival

We have arrived

From another planet

Near yet so distant

Similar yet so different

Likened to a mustard seed yet large enough to contain all earthlings

Pristine and untainted by the blood and acrimony that flows through earth’s street

We have arrived

We are welcomed by raging wars

Greeted by the rumbling of earthquakes

Viewed with suspicion and disdain through half-closed shutters as we march through trash-lined avenues

Disease and death is commonplace

Sadness and frustration is the order of the day

We have arrived

We have come to put an end to all this nonsense

To beat swords into plowshares

And AK-47s into garden rakes

To heal the sick and raise the dead

To make everyone be like us

We have arrived

We are up to the task

We are bold

We are brave

We are driven by the Spirit

We are Alien Youth and We have arrived.

(The freshers called themselves “Alien Youth”)