Back date that holiday please!!!

This must be my quickest written post ever. I've been away. Very true. I plan to be away loads more. Exceedingly true. Lots have been happening in my life that are post-worthy but honestly I haven't had the time to type them up (and I've been lazy too). So rather than having my blog family like Solomonsydelle (I actually thot I had been forgotten by everyone till your most recent comment) checking on me every now and then, I'll rather close this rather exciting chapter of my life till my calendar eases up. But before, I continue on my self-imposed blog-holiday. This is the 411 of my life so far. I graduated from the university with a very excellent degree in electrical engineering (jobs for me anyone?). Seriously sha, if you want to see my resume, let me have your email address; I promise it wont be a waste of your time. At the moment, I'm "serving" the nation at the University of Jos, Plateau State...and camp was a blast for those of you who care to know. I'm also working on getting an offer from a foreign school for the PhD program I previously agreed with my self not to go for. I might now finally get to be a lecturer...and eventual policy maker. I'm also learning to trust God loads. Mehn, he's taking me through lessons and only Him knows wat lies for me at the other end of the furnace. I no dey suffer o! But these days I've been walking with a higher conciousness of Him. I encourage y'all to seek that. That'll be it for now. Perhaps from time to time, I'll post an essay I've written for my admission runs for y'all to criticise but no guarantees.

Finally, *** takes a break from blogsville. Oops did I just use my real name? Or just post my picture below? I must be a big blunderer.

P.S. (04-03-2010): I'm considering repenting and returning to blogsville so I've removed my real name and picture. Time for yu guys to forget what you may have seen earlier. Oya start forgetting.


ibiluv said...

u look kinda familiar

you can send ur cv my way......u never know

be safe!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Dubi, stop being modest. He graduated with a 1st class y'all. Guess that BIG head is good for a lot of things.

Sting said...

Congrats on graduating. Where's the big head? Don't see one.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to this blog in ages...you are actually better looking than I expected....much better for that matter, (no offence)congratulations on that degree!!

Stay blessed!

Omo Oba said...

congrats on your degree. wishing u the very best.

InCogNaija said...

Congrats on ur degree o. PhD? Omo, u like book o!

rayo said...

head's not so big. lol.
first class (if i bliv anon), wow!
all da best. have fun durin service year!

RocNaija said...

Phd.. Good on ya!!

All the best with serving the nation..

marilyn said...

fine boy.TFC don open for festac so if u wan order cake for babe,no waka 2 much.

Nyemoni said...

Yr head is not so big afterall.....

Anonymous said...

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Jaycee said...

So have you gotten the admission? Will you start posting again? You're a good writer...don't stop :)

Anonymous said...

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