See me see wahala O!

I would typically not go to the market and get myself a pair of shorts but my aunty Chinwe got me a pair and I felt obligated to wear them. Moreover they were good-looking designer jeans shorts and wear them I sure did.

I don't wear shorts on weekdays before I earn an asinine comment from one of my lecturers so I just stick to wearing them on weekends.

Today is saturday. Weekend. I was wearing my shorts, T-shirt and ACG sandals. I taught some folks Java programming, hosted my radio show, taught some more Java and went to eat in the company of one of my students. On our way back, this guy attacked my dressing. Said I looked boyish. I didn't take offense but then he started adding other annoying things. See me see wahala o! I started defending myself o! (My mistake;I should have just shut up). He obviously had a problem with short-wearing but why will someone try to enforce his standards and principles on me considering we have different backgrounds. Meanwhile I don't try to make his leather pam slippers sound like a capital crime considering I'm sworn off them. And for goodness sake, what is wrong with wearing shorts on a saturday. Not like I was going anywhere special with them. Infact, before I went for fellowship later that afternoon, I characteristically changed into a button-down, long sleeved shirt and plain trousers. People ehn.

Tomorrow, I'll be teaching him and others Java again. I'm really considering wearing the same shorts and t-shirt with up-turned collar...I wish I could also grow an afro overnight. What do yu think?


miz-cynic said...

1st.i wish u covld afro 2 jst 2 tel d irritant.deal with it

darkelcee said...

if i see an afro on ur head ehn.....i will shave ur head off sorry i will shave ur hair.lolll

shorts, it will look sexy if you have a fine pair of legs but if your legs resembles new yam.......no comment.

how are you doing?

onydchic said...

People will always have opinions. You're not doing anything illegal, so stop sweating it.

bighead said...

@miz-cynic: I eventually wore a t-shirt and trousers and he didnt show up

@darkelcee: sexy legs??? I'm not sure everyone will agree but then they are not so bad either

@onydchic: shey?

FFF said...

maybe u have mosquitoe legs & d thing dey pain boy 4 bodi. abeg, abeg i dey beg u. if u no get ine legs, no go wear shorts. e dey offend my eyes. lmao.

my broda. where u dey since? so u don dey update u never stop 4 my blog since. kai, na so our love die?

Abujamaiden said...

I think you should buy an afro wig!

As for your legs?.....hmmm

InCogNaija said...

lmao@ growing an afro overnight just to piss somebody the fuck off. That will be hilarious tho.
Omo, no mind them joo, do you!

bumight said...

those are the most annoying kind of people- always trying to impose their opinions on others!
I dont see anything wrong with wearing shorts jo, Rock your shorts my dear!

bighead said...

@fff: I'll get yu a picture of my legs

@abujamaiden: I've calmed down now.

@incognaija: Thanks

@bumight: I've written him off as a pro-critic. Constantly finding fault

rayo said...

first tym here, downloadin ur older posts, like ur blog nd yep i'm a chronic blogger.

fantasy queen said...


an afro on that big head would be mad crazy.
maybe the guy is gay and seeing your sexy legs were causing confusion inhis head.
otherwise...i know not what his problem is.

bighead said...

@rayo: Nice to know someone can bear to read my crap.

@fantasy queen: come to think about it. The guy attended an all-boys school...but its the same I attended. The very one opposite yur office building.