Blogging Again?

Where do I start? Its been so long since I sat down to type a blog post. So much has happened since then; I became departmental president, attempted to build a chess-playing robot, made friends with lecturers, got an almost-girlfriend (familiar with the term?), got slapped by a hall supervisor, moved out of the hostel, killed one scorpion, hosted a radio show, graduated from the university and lost on the stock market. Where do I start?


I'll leave old gist behind and start with wats new (except if one of the "topics" above is too juicy for you to resist asking).

Wats new?

Thats for my next post. For now, I'm having a raging headache, neckache, elbowache and heartache (I know, I don come again). Don't mind me on the last ache.

For this post, I was just ensuring I could still type in English (C, Java and MATLAB have been linqua franca of recent).I think I did pretty well; even Engr Anyaka cannot give me a 'B' on this post. Did I ever mention how Engr Anyaka denied me and the rest of the class A's on a THREE UNIT LOAD? and gave me worries for most of my final yr? Gist for another day.

For now, have a lovely day; breathe sparingly (there is an ongoing oxygen scarcity), don't stare at the hot girl...or guy that passes by (or stares at you), live...ok, I accept I'm blabbing.

No more


bumight said...

yay! you're blogging again!

I'm sorry, but I want to hear all the gist you mentioned above, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

congrats on graduating! how's life post-school?

princesa said...

Missed u plenty dude!
Hope u are back for good and congrats on Graduation.
I guess evryone's lost something on the stock market.

geisha.song. said...

you know we want to hear about the almost girlfriend!
but as bumight said, i'll take em all too!

bighead said...

@bumight: Lets see wat happens. Life post-skl is very...confusing

@princesa: Thanks

@geisha.song: Ok, I'll tell

theicequeen said...

awww..welcome back o! and in line with the amebo-ism going on...me i want to hear gist too o! all of them...the almost girlfriend one is paticularly enticing :D

hugs!..thats your welcome back hug jare :P

InCogNaija said...

welcome back dude!! congrats on graduation.
just incase you r stuck in c or matlab world, we can just stick to the if-else statements or just do the loops!
if (comment=complete) {end};
else {still end};

bighead said...

@theicequeen: Thanks 4 d hug o! I was suffering a hug-deficiency

@incognaija: yu have refused to say what skl yu attended

InCogNaija said...

OAU! i went to OAU.